Thrive Family Co-op is a place where homeschooling families can gather together for the purpose of building relationships and educating our children.  Parents at Thrive will work together during the co-op day to organize, teach and assist classes where needed. Thrive has been founded on several different styles of homeschooling, one of the primary philosophies being a Charlotte Mason style. We will combine hands-on learning with great living books. We believe that rather than focusing on how much the children know, we want to focus on how much they care, developing character first and foremost.

Thrive Family Co-op is founded on Christian core values, therefore, we will teach from a biblical worldview using mostly Christian curriculum. Although we do not discriminate against non-Christian families participating in the co-op, we do expect parents who are lead teachers to teach from the curriculum provided, even when or if it differs from personal beliefs. The babies and toddlers class will be a loving and nurturing environment where they can learn through play. Our preschoolers & Kinder kids will build friendships and experience a gentle learning approach through hands-on lessons and projects. Elementary classes will have fun with Nature Studies, Adventures in Literature a literature based geography, PE, Artist, Composer, & Poet Studies. Middle and High school classes will also be hands-on when possible and focus on studies and credits needed to graduate such as lab sciences, English and Literature classes as well as elective courses such as Health, Personal Finance and Art. Overall, Thrive Family Co-op is a community of homeschoolers who wish to build lasting relationships together while learning in a fun and engaging environment.