Annual Registration Fees

Thrive Family Co-op is a parent-led co-op meaning a parent must be committed to staying on site and teaching or assisting/ helping wherever needed during the co-op day. Our cost is low because we are committed to teaching and investing together in our children.

There may be additional fees for 7th grade and up classes (i.e. science labs or writing curriculum) but we will be upfront about those additional costs before you commit to the class.

We have an annual Registration Fee of $325 per family up to 4 children. Each child past 4 will be an additional $20 annually, i.e. a family with five kids=$345, a family with six kids=$365. Registration fees are non-refundable.

What we do with the $325: $75 goes for building fee, the rest is all the teacher curriculum, printer fees, most supplies for classes i.e. paper, paints, etc, storage cabinets, mom’s supplies (coffee, etc.).

There will be additional fees where applicable (labs for upper classes, etc.).

Checks, cash, or cash app payments only. Cash app payments can be sent to $SLoveyRawlings. Mail cash or check to Stacy Rawlings, 8111 Ditzler Ave., Raytown, MO 64138.